The 2nd Mini Album 'WOOPS!'
Release Date : 2020.11.17

Track List.

  • WOODZ 2nd Mini Album [WOOPS!]
    'WOOPS!' WOODZ's second mini album that will surprise you
    Real WOODZ in a movie-like track list
    The growth of all-rounder WOODZ, composed all the songs after the first mini album

    Among the countless features we have in our lives, Aren't you living in a way you won't never get hurt ?
    The wandering and collapse that comes in the process of discovering the true self,
    We live in a world of chaos
    That could be cool or not, cute or cruel,
    that may be happy or not happy
    Shouldn't each of us have an inner self that can best understand each other's mind?

    All-rounder WOODZ, who made a successful leap forward with the first mini album [EQUAL] has released her second mini album WOOPS!

    WOODZ wrote and composed the entire songs of [WOOPS!]
    This album started with the idea that there could be various egos hidden inside of everyone.“Me that others see” and “Me that I see” and “The real me” that is hidden in the deep inside who am I and what do I look like? Accepting and acknowledging that “real me” by yourself, Such subjects are expressed in this album in various forms.

    WOODZ unraveled the subject of the album, which may be heavy, by alluding to the flow of a movie. By setting up a virtual movie, the past, present, and future of the protagonist of this album are unraveled in a track list. Several themes were expressed in relation to the story of the protagonist’s choice. The album name [WOOPS!] was created with the thought that a surprise would have appeared when the protagonist of the movie finally discovered who she was.

    If the people listen to this album also considering themselves as the main characters of a movie, with their own perspectives, it will be a fun album with many different interpretations.